Welcome to SMITS - can help you with:

  • Onsite PC repairs
  • IT training and tutoring
  • Cert IV TAA tutorial and assessment support
  • Website development
  • IPTV Sales and support
[Holiday Notice]
SMITS will be closed for Easter Holiday from 25-Mar-2016 to 8-Apr-2016, please use SMS / Whatsapp / E-mail to leave your request.

What's New?

  1. SMITS is now the Authorised Service Centre for TV Pad in QLD

  2. SMITS is now the Authorised Reseller for Real TV Box

  3. SMITS is now the Authorised Reseller for Moonbox

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For Computer Repairs and All Your IT Needs - Please Call / SMS or WhatsApp on:

0410 517 557

You may also use this number to:

SMS us to describe your requests; or WhatsApp / MMS us if you want to send us some screenshots or photos which can help you to describe your needs more precisely.

Please note that you may be required to pay for the cost for additional phone call and messages.