SMITS Brings You the Moonbox M3!

Moonbox M3 Provides Live TV Channels and contents from
HK, CN, TW and Vietnam
Price Revised - Now Only $260


Genuine Moonbox M3 available now!
Free same day delivery for Brisbane South
Or free express post for the rest of Australia.

Got a slow internet? Try Moonbox M3!

Designed specifically for the Asian community, Moonbox is a small but smart  set-top box which connects to your TV; with a good quality internet connection at your home, when compare with its previous generations and other similar products, it can provide:
  • Channels and contents - Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam ...
  • More features - Karaoke, TV Drama etc, with excusive App Garden with 3rd party apps
  • 3-day catch-up Catchup  
  • More stable - based on a robust, customised version of Android OS.

Get a Moonbox and say NO to:

  • Ongoing subscriptions - get a Moonbox and you are good to go!  (except fees for internet access)
  • "Invasive" installation - no dish, no antenna, no SIM, no electrician required, no need drill holes for wiring
  • Searching online for watching TV drama, music and contents
  • Complicated re-installation when you move home - keep the same  account 

Does Moonbox Suit me?

While it would suit anyone, the following customer groups would be more than happy to have one:
  • Parents and seniors - no computer knowledge required, no downloading; if they can use a TV, they can use a Moonbox
  • Internation students and tenants - no complicated installations, not even a hole on the wall - that should keep their landlord happy! 
  • Living in places like townhouses, where installation of satellite dish is not allowed.
  • People with busy life - with catch-up feature, never miss any TV programs!

What do you need?

  • A TV which supports HDMI connection
  • A stable internet connection with good monthly quota and wireless coverage, or network cable can be used as well (ADSL+ / 250GB Quota recommended)
  • Supports a wide range of connectivity and configurations including ADSL, Cable, Wi-fi, LAN, PowerLink adaptor and NBN.

Why buy from SMITS?

For A$260, you can have the Moonbox - with a peace of mind:
  • Local stock, local company with local before and after sales support
  • SMITS is an Authorised Reseller with an IT background, who can handle all the technical stuff for you, including wireless internet setup and troubleshooting (additional costs my be required if its ouside the scope of Moonbox installation)
  • One year official warranty (3 Months for remotes) 
Please note that Moonbox is only a platform for entertainment, all apps are developed by third-parties, Moonbox, nor its resellers and distributors will be responsible for the apps downloaded by customers.

TVPad SMITS Brisbane

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